Summer News letter

The summer is fast approaching which means it will soon be time to say goodbye to so many of our children that will be going off on a big adventure to school in September. Though we will all be very sad to see them go, we are also very excited as the staff have been busy planning this year’s graduation, which will take place on Friday 10th August 2018. The nursery will close at 3pm so that all staff can join in the celebration and say goodbye.

We will also have lots of new children starting across the whole nursery in September and some staff changes too. Sarah from Bumble bees will be going on maternity leave in October so Chelsea will be taking her place until January when she will move into caterpillars along with four of our babies.

Emma will become room leader of the caterpillar room joining her will be Melissa and later in the year Chelsea. Kate will return to Ladybirds as this is her favourite age group to work with, also in the Ladybird team will be Lauren, Kathryn and Chanel.

Parents Acorns:

This acorn tree in the entrance area is for you to write on an acorn about your child’s interests at home. We would also love to know things like what they have done at the weekend, or if there is anything new you would like to share with us.

Once you have done it you can either hand it to your child key person or add it to the tree in the entrance, where it will be collected and added to your child’s learning journal.


Recently there have been a few parents coming in at 6pm to collect their children. The nursery closes at 6pm each night and we ask that the parents are here in good time to pick up their children, have feedback about their child’s/children’s day leaving the nursery by 6pm.

This also applies to the sessions that end at 1pm as we have ratios to keep to and children coming in at 1pm.                                                       

Parent skills:

Is there anything you could come in and show our staff and children? This could be a job, a hobby or interest? We have a parent coming in to do a music session with the children.

 If you are interested feel free to come and talk to a member of the team who can arrange a time that is convenient to you.

Parental questionnaires:

Thank you to all of you for returning your questionnaires we have enjoyed reading the lovely feedback. There were a few areas you felt that we could do better so over the next few weeks we will be looking at what these were as a team and will be working hard at making them better. We will be happy to share this all with you once it is complete. 

Diary Dates:

School visits for the parents to take their children to St Stephens infant school:

Wednesday 20th, 27th June and July 4th from 1.30pm-2.30pm
End of term for the term time children
Last day Mon 23rd July.
School leavers graduation 10th August 3.30pm-4.30pm.


Here are some helpful websites that can help you keep your children safe while using Laptops, tablets, phones and computers:

If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to any of the staff or management, who will be happy to help.

All the Team at Acorns

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