Caterpillars Daily Routine

Our nursery is based on continues provision which allows the children to access all areas of learning throughout the day, giving the children freedom of choice around planned and adult led activities. Our daily routine is as follows but is flexible to the children’s needs so nappy changes and sleep times are individual to the children and are as and when required.

8amWelcome in the children, free play.
9.35am Tidy up time.
9.40amRegistration / Song / Rhyme / Story time.
9.40am – 11.45amAdult led activities, planned activities, free play and free flow.
9.50amRolling snack.
11.45am Tidy up time.
11.50amKey person time, Song / Rhyme / Story time.
11.55amHand washing, followed by Dinner time.
12.35pmPlanned activities, free play and free flow.
1 pmGood bye to the morning children and welcome in the afternoon children.
12.35pm – 3.45pmPlanned activities, free play, free flow and individual rest and sleep routines.
3pmRolling snack time.
4pmTidy up time.
4.05pmKey person time, Song / Rhyme / Story time.
4.10pmHand washing.
4.15pmTea time.


Tea is followed by free play, and children leaving up until 6pm when the nursery closes.